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The more you can project the unique person you are,the greater your chance of finding work that excites you.

Uncovering your particular way of during things! Your skills, talents,and aptitudes.

1.Your Skills: First of all you need to ask yourself this question. Who am i? What skill do i have? Why do i have this skills? Where should i use it? When did i notice it.

Take a note book and Title it MY SKILLS. Write all you know about your skills. Write about your Skills at home,Memorizing skills,skating skills, physical skills, Skills at school,Skills you call upon in your paid or unpaid work, Intellectual skills, motivational skills, in your recreational activities. Write about what you do everyday of your life that someone from your house, community,school,church,work place might not know how to do. Make sure you Group it.

* FUNCTIONAL SKILLS: Function Skills are majority used by everyone, like reading and writing are the tools of day to day living,Retaining what you read,driving a car,Expressing opinions logically,following instructions.

SPECIFIC SKILLS: This has to do with every school, job, and life experience developed. This is usually complicated and takes a lot of time and concentration. example: typing fast, public speaking,expert knowledge, researching using library,editing and producing,writing,excellent debating speaking skills.

PERSONALITY SKILLS: How you behave or adapts to your environment or new. How people describes you. are you independent, strong, enthusiastic, persistent, your determination, zeal, are you careful, cheerful, logical,detail oriented.


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Corps Member reports after he was credited N198,800 rather than N19,800

Corps Member Reports

A Borno State Serving corps individual from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) simply answered to the plan after he was credited N198,800 rather than N19,800.



NYSC speaks on the increment of Corps Members Allowance

The Borno State serving youth corps member took to his twitter page to share the screen capture of the credit ready he got from his bank, which demonstrates the credit blunder of 198,800 rather than N19,800.
He did want many will not think about.

He approached the consideration of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) to an exchange blunder they made after he was credited N198,800 rather than his ordinary N19,800 allawee.

He composed on his Twitter, showing Bank alert:


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Are you looking for Loan?
Do you have a skill?

Is money your problem?

Are you looking for accommodation?

You can come out of service and become a boss.
Just invest and plan very well.

Corpers wee o! Loans for Corpers.
You can take a loan for your business and for accommodations problems.

Bank of industry (BOI).

Bank of industry offers Corpers Loan throught Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund (GEF) programme those servicing the country for one year NYSC Loan and Graduates through the Youth Entrepreneurship Support ( YES) Programme.

Bank Of Industry (BIO) is the oldest and largest Development Finance Institution currently operating in Nigeria. It is owned by the Ministry of Finance Incorporated Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria and private shareholders. BIO focuses on youth Entrepreneurship,women empowerment etc.BIO was actually set up with a view to ensure that industrial production is encouraged, as well as, and value creation. Some of the functions of BIO is to Provide Busin…



Pivot GIS Limited, is a joint venture between Pivot Engineering Company Limited (PECL) and GIS Inc. on 50-50 basis, was founded in 2004. GIS, Inc. was founded in 1948 in USA by Mr. Clyde Pregeant, Snr. with core business focus on Onshore Construction, Offshore Maintenance & Brownfield activities in the Gulf of Mexico region, USA. GIS is based in Galliano, Louisiana..

Pivot GIS an engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance (EPCM) contracting company has an opening for position of a LIfting and Rigging Supervisor.

• Supervise and Coordinates activities of workers engaged in all lifting and rigging activities, to ensure compliance with safety procedures and method statements.

• Responsible for leading work crew and workers engaged in the lifting and moving of material, and machines, while utilizing power operated equipment such as hoists, winches, crane etc.


•National Diploma (OND) in related course, Trade Test, releva…