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what corp members say about nysc

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NYSC Experience

Experience is the knowledge or mastery of an event or subject gained through involvement in or exposure to it. There is so much experience gotten in Camp and in different PPA. And most Corp members will really want to share it. Some was amazing and others hmmmm! So let's see what NYSc corp members say about National Youth Service Corp.

Between a corp member and Administrator

Stating From home preparation or school, potential corp members always have stories to tell.

In different stages of their preparations.

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From a Female Corp Member

Nysc is set to build national unity and awareness across different ethnicity and that is the best experience I ever had serving in Rivers state.
I met people who shared their way of life, believe system and views.

From a Felmale Corp Member

I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, finished my last paper February 2018...and my school being how they are, I was not expecting to be mobilized for nysc till November and by July, a list came out and my name was on it for mobilization.....

I was really really excited.

I did my nysc registration on the 17th of July, I was hoping for Lagos but unfortunately it didn't show up ☹☹then on 21st, a friend called me that I was posted to rivers state...

It was a mixed feeling for me but I had no choice.

Getting to camp, I had a friend from my school and another one I met from the car park, we grew really close Camp was really fun with them, and I met an amazing person by the name Rachael, she's everything......
My friend, my mum, our prayer warrior 🤭she was really marvelous.... She was the one that will say....i want to use toilet o, enny wait for me anytime the soldiers started chasing us out.... God so good, she was in my platoon (10) and it was really fun, from disturbing the platoon during meditation to running away from parade.

I Joined the sanitation group cause Rachael dragged me there and of coarse I met another set of wonderful beings from our oga Johnson to our glove keeper I prefer calling tamunobooooooo Aka Tamunotelemabofori as opposed to Gift cause I can't pronounce her traditional name.

Then the boring lecturers, my squad and I will always go to the hall very early so as to get the perfect chair and spot for sleeping. The dancing was fun. Doubling up was coool too.

All in all, my experience at nonwa gbam tai was amazing and thrilling and I was not so glad it ended.

NYSC make it better.

From A Female Corp Member

Wearing the Nysc Khaki has become a confirmation of completion of one's study in the tertiary institution. Getting into the Nysc camp on 24th July 2018 I really felt I have arrived, but unknown to me it is the beginning of a post-graduate training. In this case both the military and the civilian lectures/trainers were involved.
Camping in Nonwa Gbam Tai Orientation Camp was a combination of early morning meditation, unending lectures, military parades, hostel survival, refectory ques, competitions, and then getting posted.

To get to my PPA I was ushered into Obiakpo LGA by a dubious bus conductor who dropped at the wrong location and still collected my money. Having located my PPA, I was accepted into a school that has no accommodation for me. Now I am renting a room at a cost unreasonable for someone paid 19,800 naira per month..

My name is Glory

From a Felmale Corp Member Glory.

Nysc is one of the best time of my life. I had lots of interesting days I can't forget and I know more days are ahead to be more interesting.

From the camp it was really exciting and meeting lots of different character is worth the three weeks. What I heard about National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) Camp was not what I saw or experienced. It was different from what was said.

Inside the camp was different from coming to camp, meeting different tribes, inside the regimented area with the soldiers was kind of cool.

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My best part was the first week how serious the soldiers were. Double up. Keep doubling up. Like they will never laugh with anyone. They were too serious at first for my liking. But with time they became friendly, Most especially when they come to Mammy Market. We usually call Mammy Market names, such as when you want to run from beans and drawing soup.

They almost killed us with beans in the camp kitchen. In my hostel girls can fart because of the beans, watering soup and tasteless rice.

We really had fun in our platoon. During the platoon competition we are always good.


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